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Program Management Consulting

Program Management Mapping

Program management is where GainTaKtical Consulting (GTK) adds considerable value. We help executive, operations, and tactical levels of organizations transform by providing industry-leading program management consulting services, methods, and tools. We’ve been a part of delivering  some of the largest, highest profile, and most effective transformation programs in recent military history. You can rely on GTK to help you turn a strategic concept into action.

Operational Concepts and Program Delivery


Operational success is not measured by the ability to conceive a great idea, but by the ability to develop ideas into concepts, turn concepts into plans, and put plans into action. Whether managing an operational energy program or implementing a strategic training program, an organization is looking to turn a strategy into successful reality, or as we call it at GainTaKtical Consulting, a victory.

Regulatory Driven Program

Regulatory compliance

GTK employs experts who have many years of experience managing programs controlled by external regulatory forces, federal mandates, and public-facing optics. Our team is trained, educated, and experienced at delivering organizational benefit and core compliance.